17 Realistic Ways to Make $10k a Month (Real-Life Examples)

how to make 10k a month

Making $10k a month is a meaningful income milestone. That equates to $120k a year — a comfortable 6-figure income.

When I started making $10,000 a month consistently, I felt a lot of pride — like I’d “made it” — and finally had some breathing room in my budget.

In this post, I’ll break down some realistic ways to make $10k a month, both as an employee and as an entrepreneur.

The Most Overlooked Way to Make More Money?

Have you ever woken up one day feeling trapped in a career you used to love? The stability of a steady paycheck no longer worth the daily dread of unfulfilling work? Did you suddenly want a career change? I’m talking staring-at-the-ceiling-all-night type misery.

Alex Warneke from alexwarneke.com knows exactly how this feels.

She found herself creatively stifled and financially limited working as a marine ecologist and park ranger. While loving the subject matter, restrictions around income growth, adventure, and location independence nagged her.

She couldn’t shake the feeling that her current path just wouldn’t get her to the life she envisioned.

Despite no prior experience, Alex strategically skilled up and gained Salesforce credentials to increase her income potential dramatically.

Her story offers an inspirational template for others looking to pursue more career flexibility.

12 Ways to Make Money as a Video Editor: Get Paid $50k a Year Editing Videos

how to make money as a video editor

Becoming a professional video editor can be a great way to make money online.

Video editing is an in-demand skill, growing at a 12% per year pace. And when you see the millions of YouTube channels, TikTok videos, and Instagram reels, it really comes as no surprise.

Full-time video editors earn an average of $50k a year, and freelancers often command rates of $40 an hour and up, depending on experience.

So how can you get starting making money as a video editor? Here are some ideas.

14 Best Remote Graphic Design Jobs Sites to Find Design Work Fast

Whether you’re a full-time designer at your day job or just like to tinker around in Photoshop late into the night, finding the best remote graphic design jobs can be a quick and effective way to build a side-hustle.

Why are remote graphic design jobs perfect for side-hustlers?

Because they can be done from anywhere in the world with just a computer, your passion, and some serious talent!

Amazon Mechanical Turk Review: How I Made $50,000 in My Spare Time

amazon mechanical turk

When focused on this side hustle, Mike typically made anywhere from $150-300/week and has earned over $50,000 in total working on tasks right from his computer at home.

Having worked on Amazon Mechanical Turk for 2 and a half years (completely as a side hustle), he’s done over 150,000 tasks (called HITs, or Human Intelligence Tasks).

How to Become a Mystery Shopper? The 10 Best Companies to Work For

how to become a mystery shopper

Becoming a mystery shopper is often included in lists of ways to make extra money.

But how does mystery shopping work?

Can you really get paid to shop and test products or services?

How do you find legit mystery shopping gigs?

How much can you realistically earn as a mystery shopper?

I had the same questions — and in this post, I’ll answer them all. I even got to make some money as a mystery shopper myself!

Side Hustle Showdown: Sweaty Startups vs. Laptop Lifestyle

Miles Beckler and Nick Huber

Starting a side hustle is all about finding new ways to make extra money outside of your regular 9-5 job.

And in today’s digital world, there are two primary paths people take — starting a local business or building an online business from your computer.

But which strategy should you pursue to start earning real income as a side hustler?

9 Steps to Become a Freelance Artist (and Crush It) in 2024

become a freelance artist

Being a freelance artist is shrouded in stereotypes. You’ve probably heard the term “starving artist” enough to last a lifetime.

The truth is the starving artist stereotype is outdated, proven false by millions of freelance artists around the world who are making good money doing work that fulfills them.

It’s not easy, but thanks to the Internet and an ever-growing need for visual content both online and off, there are more opportunities to make money as an artist than ever before.

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