42: Niche Down and Dominate

In Episode 42 of The Side Hustle Show, Alex Harris (aka AlexDesigns) joins me to talk niche service businesses.

He shares how he built his business, AlexDesigns.com, in his spare time, how he landed his first customers, how he scores big name clients, how he prices his services, and how he’s recovering from a Google algorithm update.

39: Hacking Your Side Hustle for Growth and Passive Income

In Episode 39 of The Side Hustle Show, I’m joined by Mike Newton from HackingPhotography.com.

We discuss how to make a name for yourself in any business, how to score corporate clients (and why you’d want to), and how to generate passive income streams from a service business.

35: From $18 an Hour to $1000 an Hour in 60 Days

In episode 35 of The Side Hustle Show, I learn how Daniel DiPiazza from Rich20Something.com went from earning $18 an hour to $1000 an hour using his “Marsupial Method” for side hustle businesses.

It sounds hype-y, but it happened. Pretty crazy stuff, with parallels you can takeaway and apply to your own biz.

33: How to Build a Niche Coaching Business That Lets You Quit Your Job

In episode 33 of The Side Hustle Show, I’m joined by Virginia Roberts from TheHeartographer.com. Virginia shares an awesome story of side hustle success, turning a personal skill into a hobby, then into a part-time coaching business, eventually quitting her job to be a full-time entrepreneur.

31: Pay What You Want Pricing for Side Hustlers

Could you actually earn more money for your side hustle work by letting customers choose their own price?

Tom Morkes, author of The Complete Guide to Pay What You Want Pricing, shares why the strategy works and when to use it.

His extensive research and case studies show how entrepreneurs can at once reach a wider audience by eliminating the price barrier, and earn more money from their biggest fans and supporters.

22: How to Start a 6-Figure Speaking Business, with Jullien Gordon

In Episode 22 of The Side Hustle Show, Jullien Gordon of SideHustla.com gives the detailed story about how he transitioned from employee to entrepreneur and built his speaking business into a 6-figure a year enterprise. I discovered his site through David Hutcherson from ThePowerofPartTime.tv, another awesome side hustler. Jullien is a super-smart guy, a talented … Read more

13: Selling Your Artistic Side Hustle, with Melanie Ida Chopko

In this edition of The Side Hustle Show, I’m joined by Side Hustle Nation member Melanie Ida Chopko. Melanie has an awesome side hustle story to share about her journey as a freelance artist (a visual facilitator), bringing ideas to life with beautiful visuals in real-time. Listen and Learn Melanie’s awesome strategy for connecting with … Read more

The “Accidental” Side Hustle that Earned Me $1185 in 6 Weeks

Some side hustles you relentlessly pursue, trying day after day to make something happen. Others sometimes just find you. This was a case of being in the right place at the right time, and the opportunity finding me. I won’t chalk it up entirely to luck though, because this side hustle was actually the result … Read more

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