392: What I’ve Learned and Applied from 49 Awesome Entrepreneurs – Part 7

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At the end of nearly every episode of The Side Hustle Show, I ask my guests for their “#1 tip for Side Hustle Nation.”

There’s always a great variety of responses, and I wanted to take some time today to go through some of my favorites from the past 50-ish interviews.

This has become an annual tradition on the show, and we just passed 7 years and 12 million downloads!

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The Goods

337 – Dr. Shirag Shemmassian“Get started.”

339 – Rob Cubbon, Flav Mederios, and Rachel Harrison-Sund

Rob: “Don’t go for money, go for the love and the enjoyment of what you’re doing — the money will come.”
Flav: “Think bigger, think beyond just Amazon.”
Rachel: “Don’t give up at the first sign of challenge. Keep going.”

340 – Robert Brandl“Use your unfair advantage – For example, I speak multiple languages and understand email marketing.”

341 – Amy Feierman and Kristin Ostrander

Amy: “If there’s somebody doing what you want to do, reach out for a conversation.”
Kristin: “Commitment and consistency. Decide and commit.”

342 – Kirk DuPlessis“Educate yourself.”

343 – John Jonas and Nate Hirsch

           John: “What separates successful entrepreneurs is the willingness to think through hard things.”

344 – Paul Minors“Keep going.”

347 – Michele Mattix“Adopt an experience mindset – people want immersive experiences.”

349 – Sylvia Inks“Build a signature presentation.”

350 – Zach Evanish“Plan before you buy. Lay out your goals, short-term and long-term.”

351 – Keely Stawicki “Start with stuff you already own – don’t borrow money!”

353 – Carol Tice“Ask your audience how you can help, then build what they need.”

354 – Matt Bochnak“Just do something; build it and they’ll come; opportunities will just show up.”

355 – Brendan Hufford“You don’t have to quit your day job.”

358 – Craig Curelop“Don’t be afraid to get started. If it doesn’t work, stop, you can always adjust.”

359 – Sa El“Spend an hour a day on your own dream.”

360 – Larry McGee“If you want to better your life, you have to do it yourself.”

361 – Josh Elledge “Just start giving things away – be generous!”

362 – Debbie Gartner“Focus on a niche and be an expert!”

364 – Aaron Kerr“Be willing and patient enough to find a side hustle that works for you.”

366 – Melissa MacDonald“Choose something that you’re passionate about, that you’re interested in and how can you convert that into a file or a PDF that can help others.”

367 – Alex Goldberg and Healy Jones:

Alex – “Be extremely persistent.”
Healy – “Work with a partner.

368 – Erica Krupin“Keep your business debt free!”

370 – Rob Pitingolo“Practice makes perfect.”

373 –  Nick Huber“Look up from your computer screen!”

374 – Mariam Tsaturyan“Do the best you can.”

375 – Mike Zima – “The person you are today isn’t the person you’ll become.

376 – Rosemarie Groner“Don’t settle.”

377 – Donald Spann“Look at pain points.”

378 – Melissa Fassel Dunn“Identify your top 3 priorities every day.”

379 – Kai Davis“Avoid the resistance.”

380 – Charlie William – “Stay consistent.”

381 – Jennifer Marx“Figure out where your people are, and go there.”

382 – Chris Guillebeau“Just stop. We’re doing all kinds of stuff we don’t need to be doing. Life’s short; choose something else.”

383 – Helen Pritchard“Just pick one thing. Sell one thing to one customer at one price until you reach your target.”

384 – Andrew Allemann – “Just get it out there. I’m a big advocate of the minimum viable product.”

385 – Teri Ijeoma – “Keep trying.”

386 – Kate Johnson – “Have the long view in mind.”

387 – Dustin Heiner“Put value in yourself, and tell people what you do.”

388 – Chris Misterek“If you don’t quit, you win.” 

389 – Liam Austin“Run a virtual event, but make sure to put a strategy in place first.”

390 – Joshua Lisec“Convert your hourly services into a package.”

391 – Dustin Riechmann“Always be looking for an opportunity to give someone else a win. Serve first.”

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3 thoughts on “392: What I’ve Learned and Applied from 49 Awesome Entrepreneurs – Part 7”

  1. I used to wait for every episode to come out and listen for the one nugget that would make the time spent worth while, now I read the description and listen to very few, not saying that it isn’t valuable to others but seems stale to me much like EO Fire went through the same thing along with many other podcasts that did the same

  2. Love the tips you featured here Nick! Congrats on seven glorious years. I always enjoy and learn a lot of practical ideas to enhance my mindset and business. Thank you for the stories and expertise you consistently share!


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