338: What I’ve Learned and Applied from 49 Awesome Entrepreneurs – Part 6

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At the end of nearly every episode of The Side Hustle Show, I ask my guests for their #1 tip for Side Hustle Nation. There’s always a great variety of responses, and I wanted to take some time today to go through some of my favorites from the past 50-ish interviews.

This has become an annual tradition on the show, and we just passed 6 years and 8.5 million downloads!

If you like this short-and-sweet meta-style show, be sure to check out the others in this series:

And even though my primary motivation is to extract helpful tactics for you, the listener, I can’t help but learn from my guests as well. You never know when inspiration will strike or where you’ll hear the one insight that has a huge impact.

These episodes are a lot of fun to put together, and give me an excuse to revisit some of my favorite moments and wise words from the show.

From the last 49 guests, the 3 most common theme I heard was to “Take action. Just start!”

While it might sound overly generic, don’t be quick to dismiss it. If all these really smart and successful people keep saying these episode after episode as their “#1 tip,” I think it’s worth paying attention to.

My #1 tip this time? Surround yourself with people on the same trajectory.

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The Goods

284 – Abbey Ashley“Ship before it’s perfect.”

285 – Wes Schaeffer“Join the affiliate programs for the companies you love and share them.”

286 – Mark Wills and Brian Schooley

Mark: “Put in the effort.”
Brian: “The fortune is in the follow-up.”

287 – Jonathan Mendonsa“Stop waiting for permission and take action.”

289 – May Najafabadi“Keep your eyes open; opportunities are everywhere.”

290 – Derek Doepker“Make it fun and exciting.”

292 – Austin Miller“Be a doer; someone who’s not afraid to take action.”

293 – Bill Nowicki“Start as quickly as possible!”

294 – Rene Delgado“Just do it!”

295 – Chris Schwab“Take a moment to clarify your priorities.”

296 – Mike Riscica“Start taking action today.”

297 – Hung Pham“Find the basic version of your idea you can test and validate quickly.”

298 – Rob Stephenson“Stick with it.”

300 – Preston Lee, Flav Madeiros, PJ Edwards, Nate and Ashley, and Amy Hebdon

Preston: “Just try stuff.”
Flav: “Make sure your side hustle fits your skillsets and long-term vision.”
PJ: “Be persistent”
Nate and Ashley: “Know what you want–establish your why.”
Amy: “Don’t wait for permission!”

301 – Bonnie Fahy “Resistance is normal, but focus on the benefits of freeing up that time.”

302 – Jacques Hopkins“Think about the customer transformation.”

304 – Jodi Carlson“Don’t see other bloggers as your enemy – connect and collaborate.”

305 – Patrick Renvoise“Find ways for your offer to create emotion.”

306 – Alan Donegan“Get in the game, just start. The idea is irrelevant.”

307 – Amit Desai “Have a goal to make $500 a month next year.”

308 – Matt Rowell “Be deliberate about your goals with your loved ones.”

311 – April Whitney“Take massive imperfect action.”

312 – Sean Marshall“Put in the hard work now and your future self will thank you.”

313 – Kieran MacRae “Have patience. It takes longer than you want it to.”

314 – Nate Dodson“Think of how you can create a new category/opportunity.”

315 – Kelly Hardwick“Start even if you’re scared.”

316 – Meredith Marsh“Just be yourself – everyone is awkward on camera.”

317 – Timika Downes“Read your disclosure documents – almost everything is negotiable!”

318 – Kate Ahl“Don’t overthink it!”

319 – Jack Spirko“Pick something and try it. Go. Do. Something!” (Achieve immortality in the actions of others)

321 – Adam Johnston“Prioritize, focus, and go out and change the world — it makes great trivia!”

323 – Stacy Caprio“Focus on profit and cash flow – never spend more than you’re making.”

324 – Mitch Davis –  “You gotta do something or tomorrow’s gonna be the same.”

325 – Marc Andre“Be creative and find a way to make money with your hobby.”

326 – Jessica Larrew“Give it enough time.”

327 – Todd Tresidder“Take leverage seriously and build it into your business.”

328 – Abbey Ashley – “Give yourself some grace, don’t be afraid to pivot.”

329 – Paul Jarvis

“Most goals are fake – have reasons for setting goals.”
“Set goals that are grounded in real needs.”

330 – Roberto Chavez“Take action!”

331 – Brock McGoff“Identify one thing that moves you closer to your goals and make it a priority.”

332 – Brian Scudamore“Come up with your painted picture vision of where you’re going.”

333 – Kimberly Gauthier“Be yourself.”

335 – Chris Ritter“Keep listening to your audience.” 

336 – Chad RubinBe a systems thinker”


Your Turn

Do you have a favorite tip, soundbite, or story from the last 12 months on the show? Let me know in the comments below!

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